Dingo's art market

Welcome to my carrd. Here you will find any and all information regarding commissions, contact info, gallery and Terms of Service.

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Fullbody sketches start at $20.Anthro is fine, but female only at the moment.Couple sketches are $35.Wings, large props, plushies or extra animals are +$5.Bust/Headshot sketches are $15.


Headshots/busts start at $30Anthro headshot/bust is fine but female only.


Minies start at $30No Anthro version of this commission.Wings, plushies, large props and extra animals are +$5.


Fullbodies start at $50Shading is a blend of soft and cellshaded.Anthro is fine, but female only.Wings, plushies, large props and extra animals are +$5.All species except humans. (Animals please)


References start at $75Comes with 2 fullbodies, a headshot, colour palette, and some info.Additional fullbody is +$15.Accessories are $5 each.Wings, plushies, large props and extra animals are +$5.Custom designs on a reference are +$10.All species except humans. (Animals please)


When commissioning me, please send an email at [email protected] with your form.
I reply the fastest on Discord (Loup#7986), but will reply on any of the linked sites!


Custom Artwork

When commissioning me, please email me with your form and information.Form:
Type of commissionYour paypalClear visual referenceAnything specific you want to see.Do you want a sketch approval?
I request payment upfront, so I will send you an invoice on paypal.
Once the piece is finished, you will receive a version with the background, and one without.

✓ You may use wherever you'd like as long as credit is given when due.
✓ You may include the art in a character sale, but please make sure to let me know who it goes to.

✗ You may not modify the custom art I make for you.
✗ You may not resell the custom art I make for you.

Here is my Trello if you want to see your commission status!